New L.A. Resident Naomi Watts Is In Need Of Some New Furniture (Photos)


Now that her family has relocated to Los Angeles, it looks like Naomi Watts is in some serious need for furniture! The Hollywood actress was spotted furniture shopping while she was out and about in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

The celebrity mother-of-two looked both cool and casual as she chatted on her iPhone before making her way to her car, with the paparazzi clicking away at her every move, of course. She’s in L.A. now after all, baby!

Check out our photos below and let us know your thoughts!

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    Naomi Watts
    Naomi Watts does some furniture shopping at H.D. Buttercup in Los Angeles.
  • Out And About 2 of 5
    Out And About
    'The Impossible' actress wore leather pants and chatted on the phone as she left the store.
  • Shopping! 3 of 5
    Now that she's in L.A. it looks like Naomi is in need of some new furniture!
  • NYC Behind 4 of 5
    NYC Behind
    Although I will say that it's always hard to leave a great city like the Big Apple behind, right guys?
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Naomi's shopping style?

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