New Madonna Video Will Feature Lourdes Leon



Is the queen of pop looking to pass the crown on to her firstborn? If her latest video is any indication, it looks Madge is grooming Lourdes to follow in mommy’s footsteps. Lourdes will be “featured” in the music video for her mom’s upcoming single “Celebration.”

I’m not sure exactly what Entertainment Tonight means when they use the term “featured.” Is Lourdes going to be a backup dancer, or the star of the video? I’ve got no idea, and nobody’s offering up any real juicy details.

Still, it should be a cool mother/daughter duo type of project for the two of them. The video for “Celebration” will be released in late August, to hype Madge’s upcoming album Madonna: Celebration – The Definitive Greatest Hits Collection.

If Lourdes is learning to dance and writhe around on stage like her mom, I guess that means her scoliosis isn’t too severe. Good news.