New Mom Megan Fox Isn’t Working on Her Post-Baby Body Yet


Someone must have forgotten to send Megan Fox the memo saying that All Celebrity New Moms Must Be Back in Size 2 Before Leaving the Hospital.

Her son, Noah, is already three months old, but the actress confesses she hasn’t dropped all the baby weight just yet.

At the Hollywood premiere of This Is 40, Megan told Us Weekly, “I can’t work out yet because my body is still too fragile.”

Instead, she’s lost 13 pounds by eating in moderation and avoiding dairy products because “[i]t’s really hard on your hormones” when you’re a woman.

Apparently, she still has 10 pounds to go to reach her pre-baby weight – but judging from this picture, she looks just fine to us. Sure, maybe there’s some good Spanx at work, but she’s hardly overweight.

Once again, we have to ask: Can’t we just say “congratulations” to these moms and leave it at that? Why must we make them feel they have to chat about losing every ounce of pregnancy flesh at every possible opportunity?

At least we know Megan is spending her free time cuddling her little boy instead of lifting weights and sweating in spin classes.

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