New Mom Pink Tweets She Is Up "Every Hour" With Baby Willow

Is Pink getting any sleep these days?

It looks like someone is not getting their mommy sleep these days!

Rocker Pink hasn’t been getting any shut eye as of late, as her newborn baby girl Willow has been keeping her parents up by partying all night, and sleeping all day!

(I’m sure many of the moms out there know what we’re talking about!)

Pink tweeted her frustration, saying, “Up with little one every hour!”  This morning round six she decides that laughter’s the way to go.”

“How can you be bummed when there’s a butterball in bed laughing?” the songstress added.

Baby Willow is about two months old now, and is Pink and husband Carey Hart’s first child together.

What do you think, how long will it be until Pink gets some sleep again?  Do you have any advice to give for the first time mom?




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