New Pics! Jessica Simpson Holding Onto Her Baby Bump?!? (Photos)

Jessica Simpson Holds Onto Her Baby Bump?

Jessica Simpson was spotted in New York City leaving her hotel. Her hair looked fabulous (and it looks like she finally got her roots touched up), she was chic all in black, and she was holding on to something very suspicious – something that looks – yet again – an awful lot like a baby bump!

Yes, we’ve seen plenty of “Jessica Simpson baby bump” photos, but this photo really looks like a maternity pic. The way she gently rests her hand on her stomach really looks like the way all pregnant ladies subconsciously touch their growing pregnant bellies. Jessica and her camp still haven’t come out with confirmation yet, but seriously, is there any doubt?

Check out more photos of Jessica Simpson holding onto her “baby bump” right here.

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    Jessica Simpson
    Jessica holds onto her belly as she leaves her New York City hotel.
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    Jessica Simpson
    Why would she be holding her tummy like that if she WASN'T pregnant?
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    Jessica Simpson
    Is this Jessica Simpson trying to hide her baby bump?
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    Jessica Simpson
    Jessica looking very much like a pregnant lady!
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    Jessica Simpson
    Jessica sticks with the all black ensemble.
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    Jessica Simpson
    What do you think? Preggers or not?

Photos: Pacific Coast News