New Story Says Jessica Simpson is Pregnant With Baby Girl!

jessica simpson pregnant eric johnson
Is Jessica Simpson pregnant with a girl?

Ok, so yesterday I wrote a post on the whole, “Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?” thing. Most people seem to agree that the blond beauty is indeed expecting her first child with husband-to-be, Eric Johnson. The only person who hasn’t yet confirmed the news is Jessica Simpson herself!

Jessica definitely looks like she has a baby bump to me, and she was spotted having lunch at the Ivy in Santa Monica with her mom and sister, carrying what looked like baby gifts. Since one was wrapped in light blue paper, I speculated that she may be pregnant with a baby boy.

A new story from In Touch magazine, however, says that Jessica is actually expecting a baby girl. A “friend” of Jessica’s supposedly told the publication,  “Jessica really wanted to find out the baby’s sex, she hates surprises.” The source also adds that the baby is a girl, and said, “She has purchased adorable clothes and decor for the nursery, buying a $14,500 crib and colors in shades of yellow, green and pink.”

So…is the baby a boy or a girl? Or is there even a baby on the way?

Good grief. If Jessica really is pregnant, then she should probably think about announcing the news before people have her pregnant with twins.