New The Hunger Games Catching Fire Poster Plus Instagram Account!



Hey Hunger Games fans, the new Catching Fire poster is here! The much anticipated follow up to the beloved The Hunger Games film starring the amazing Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss looks strong and triumphant standing atop a mountain’s peak with the words, “The Sun Persists in Rising, So I Make Myself Stand,” above her. Also, note the Mockingbird shaped clouds in the background.

The new film – based on Suzanne Collin’s uber-popular YA series won’t be in theaters until November 22. But to keep your Hunger Games thirst quenched until then, you can visit their brand new Instagram account right here. So far there are only a few images, but that is sure to grow soon enough.

Are you looking forward to the new Hunger Games film?

Photo Source: Liongate Films


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