New Trend Alert: Sarah Jessica Parkers Cuffed Corduroy Pants (Photos)

Sarah Jessica Parker and her unfortunate pants

Carmen Sandiego, is that you?

Well, if there is one thing we wouldn’t mind bringing back to life from the early nineties it would be our favorite thieving villainess that helped us learn the capitals of far off places like say, Papau New Guinea.

But for fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker to be bringing back nineties style corduroy pants and cuffing them at the same time that’s just a no.

Somewhere, someplace, a reincarnated grunge vocalist in a plaid flannel at a Seattle area Starbucks is shaking his head to this mess.

We love Sarah Jessica and we loved her even more when she admitted to loving being a minivan driving mom a few weeks ago, but this here is a good -10 points on the fashion scale.  Give your hat back to Carmen, turn in your ACME agent badge and please let my 7th grade fashion mistakes stay where they currently are in the past.

Check out our pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker here and tell us what you think!

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    Sarah Jessica Parker
    A stylish Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing cuffed corduroy pants and a floppy hat, leaves her apartment building to head to a business meeting with a cup of joe in hand.
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    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Do you like Sarah Jessica's cuffed look?
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    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Do you think the nineties is trying to make a fashion comeback?
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    Sarah Jessica Parker
    What do you think of Sarah Jessica's mom style?
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    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Would you wear this ensemble to a business meeting?