New Years Eve 2011: Submit Your New Years Wishes Online To Drop From Times Square Ball!

New Years Eve 2011 New Years Wishes Times Square Ball Drop
New Years Wishes Drop From Times Square Ball: New Years Eve 2011

As we get ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011, most people are thinking about all that happened in 2010 and making New Year’s resolutions and plans for 2011. We all have New Year’s wishes that we’d like to come true, and if you hurry, your wish can drop from a piece of confetti in the Times Square Ball!

Going to Times Square in New York City for New Year’s Eve is something that many people have on their bucket list. Seeing the New Year’s images of all of those people gathered in Times Square each year is always so exciting.

Each year, when the confetti drops out of the Times Square ball, people write down their New Year wishes and greetings for the next year on a piece of the confetti.

The confetti wishes are then displayed on the Carnival wishing wall at the Times Square visitor center. The confetti is then taken and collected off the wall, and drops out of the ball the following year.

Even if you can’t make it to Times Square for New Year’s Eve this year, you can submit your wish online here, and it will be included with more than 2,000 pounds of confetti that will drop tonight!

Don’t miss submitting your New Year’s wish or New Year’s greeting for 2011!