New Year's Eve: Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper Wildest TV Tonight?


kathy-griffin-vh1-divasI don’t know what you watch on New Year’s Eve but my favorite way to ring in the New Year at home  is by watching Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper. CNN New Year’s Eve Special with Anderson Cooper doesn’t sound like a wild TV show but with Kathy Griffin in the house, all bets are off.

Griffin got in hot water on the 2009 show, when she ended 2009 by swearing on air during her CNN New Year’s Eve Special. She got got fired and had to give her paycheck back. CNN invited Griffin back this year and the wild redhead hasn’t tamed her act a bit.According to ABC News, Griffin wants to push tonight’s show to the limit and told the Hollywood Reporter, “I only want to go further.”

Kathy gleefully reports that the chiefs at CNN have gotten tough about her language and have threatened to pull her off the air. The always controversial Griffin has a plan if CNN pulls her off the show:

“If CNN dares to pull me live, I’ll be walking right over to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve to give Dick Clark a lap dance.” she vows. “It’s up to you America.”