New York Housewife LuAnn De Lesseps Latest Ploy For Attention


This season of Real Housewives of New York has ended, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped hearing about the women involved in the show. Most of them have their own businesses and brands built off of Bravo fame and some are doing anything to maintain newsworthy relevance.

LuAnn De Lesseps is currently promoting her song (term “song” used loosely) “Money can’t Buy You Class.” Being that it is horrible and therefore difficult to maintain press about, she has gone on to seedier, more scandalous ways of keeping her name in the press.

Taking a page out of the Danielle Staub and Kim Zolciak playbook, LuAnn is possibly interested in women! Several outlets are reporting that the Countess met a “young, tattooed, heavily pierced woman” at a club outside L.A., asked her to bum a cigarette, then invited her to her table where she plied her with drinks and they kissed all night.

Do you think it’s true? What will her children Victoria and Noel think? Why can’t these women act like adults?