New Zodiac Signs 2011: Sidereal Astrology Explains New Horoscope Dates 2011

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Why horoscope dates and signs haven't changed

Panic over the new zodiac sign dates have created a ripple of worry… but panic no more, as sidereal astrology explains why astrological signs haven’t changed at all.

Are the new zodiac signs real or a hoax? Learn more about why the new horoscope dates 2011 won’t affect you.

You don’t have to follow a new astrological sign after all, nor do you have to worry about the sign of your favorite celebrity!

Yesterday, the “zodiac signs changed 2011″ headlines were rampant, as it was explained that changes in the Earth’s alignment bumped the zodiac sign dates.

CNN now reports that there are two zodiac methodologies the tropical zodiac and the sidereal zodiac. Sidereal astrology follows the constellations and that’s the practice followed in the East. In the Western world, the astrology methodology is seasonal. This tropical zodiac is therefore unchanged.

Long story short… put the panic over the new zodiac signs aside – you do not have to follow the new horoscope dates at all!