New Zodiac Signs: Why You Might NOT Have to Change Your Astrological Signs

zodiac changes
Vin Diesel isn't an emotional Cancer sign anymore? Or maybe he is.

What? Some of us might have new zodiac signs? But, we’re all pretty used to the astrological signs that we thought were ours!

I’ve always thought my sign was Cancer and now suddenly I’m a Gemini? Vin Diesel, Kristen Bell, and Mark Burnett are the same way. All because of some weird new sign called ophiuchus.

But, before you decided that you are no longer an aries or a virgo any longer and start using a different astrological sign, know that you might not have to change after all.

The change in zodiac signs came about because of the Earth being shifted on its axis by the moon since the astrological signs were created 2,000 some years ago.

But, now, we’re hearing that signs aren’t really based on the stars but rather the equinoxes and solstices that make the four points of the zodiac, which is what determines your astrological sign.

So, maybe you won’t have to change your sign after all. What do you think about the zodiac sign change?

Photo: PRPhotos