Newlywed Carrie Underwood Moving to Ottawa!


Carrie UnderwoodProving that love sometimes is the most important thing, Carrie Underwood is set to leave Nashville behind for her Husband’s home of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Newlywed Underwood, who wed Mike Fisher, alternate captain of the Ottawa Senators, is said to be “building a new house in Ottawa. She wants to spend as much time there with him as possible,” according to an insider

Fisher told CTV in an interview in July “I love it here in Ottawa. She likes it, she knows how much I like it, Home is where we are, so let’s make this home.”
Being from Ottawa and a diehard Senators fan myself, the city has been abuzz with news that they famous couple would be making their home here for a while. And with the new home set to be ready for them to move in in about ‘a month or so’, will babies be far behind?

A source tells US Magazine that “They were joking at the wedding about how many kids they’ll have. He wants more than she does!” Both Mike and Carrie are widely known for their faith and wouldn’t even live together before they were married. I bet the new house will be equipped for a few nurseries when the time is right!