Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey: Baby Has Soprano-Themed Name


mariah carey baby

By “baby” I mean “puppy”, as in, baby dog — since that’s all Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will talk about these days. The “Mariah Carey Pregnant” rumor persists, but the couple continues to dodge it, so there’s updated word on whether the duo will be having an actual baby. In the meantime, they’re focusing on their brand-new Jack Russell puppy, and they’ve finally announced his name: Jackie Lambchops, inspired by The Sopranos.

Along that theme, and inspired by my excitement about even the possibility that Mariah could be pregnant, I’d like to offer the couple some Soprano-based names for their actual baby, should they truly have one:

For a girl: Carmela, Meadow, Dr. Melfi Cannon, Livia, Gloria, Francesca

For a boy: Tony, Paulie Walnuts, Father Phil Cannon, Vito, Silvio, Junior, Sal, Ray-Ray, and why not “Big Pussy Cannon”?

And for either sex (because these days unisex names are making a comeback): the delightful Badabing Cannon, or old favorite Lambchops Carey-Cannon

Got suggestions of your own?