Nick Cannon on Piers Morgan: Did Mariah Carey Drink Alcohol After Giving Birth? (Video)

nick cannon mariah carey drinking alcohol
Did Mariah Carey drink beer after delivery?

Nick Cannon appeared on Piers Morgan to talk about the twins and slam the rumor that wife Mariah Carey was drinking beer after birth.

It’s rumored that a maternity nurse called Child Protective Services to report Mariah, saying that she was drinking alcohol and taking pain pills.

Yeah, sounds pretty ridiculous.

Cannon tells Piers Morgan (video) that “Child protective services were called with allegations that there was some drinking and drugs going on while in the hospital. Which makes no sense how would a hospital allow that?”

Nick makes a good point. Plus you have to add in the celebrity factor here – it seems unlikely that someone as high profile as Mariah Carey would even entertain the idea of doing that in a hospital.

Cannon explains, “It all started when a nurse suggested to my wife that if you drink a small amount of Guinness… the yeast improves breastfeeding. I don’t know if someone overheard that, but then they were saying my wife was drinking beer. People would do anything to conjure up a story.”

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