Nick Cannon Shares Photos Of Dem Babies On Twitter

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Roc and Roe ready for their party!

Ever since Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey welcomed their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, into the world last April, we can’t seem to get enough of them! And now, to our delight, Nick is posting personal family photos on twitter!

Roc and Roe (as they’re rightly nicknamed) are destined to be stars. They have the look, the coolest parents, and strong personalities from the get go!

Cannon tweeted a set of photos that showcase the twins reading books, dressing up like rockstars, and getting ready for a “dem babies” party.

Take a look below!

  • Moroccan 1 of 5
    Roc looking like a rock star!
  • Monroe 2 of 5
    Roe is a genius! Look at her reading already.
  • Monroe 3 of 5
    Roe being pretty on the couch.
  • Moroccan and Monroe 4 of 5
    Moroccan and Monroe
    Nick calls his kids his little "crabs."
  • Moroccan and Monroe 5 of 5
    Moroccan and Monroe
    The twins at the "dem babies" party.

[Photos via Twitter.]

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“Dem Babies” have been the stars of Hollywood since day 1!

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