Nick Lachey Stops By The Wendy Williams Show (Photos)

Nick Lachey

He’s got that new dad glow going on, doesn’t he? Proud papa Nick Lachey was spotted stopping by the Wendy Williams Show studios in New York City on Thursday afternoon. The former boy bander was smiling from ear to ear as there was no doubt that he was there to talk about his number one love in his life right now, his son Camden John.

I can imagine Nick being a great hands-on dad at home and helping out wife Vanessa Lachey whenever he can. He just seems to be like one of those all-around nice guys, right? Like there’s not even one mean bone in his body. That makes for a great dad quality, doesn’t it?

Check out our photos below. I can definitely see both him and Vanessa having a huge family one day!

  • Nick Lachey 1 of 5
    Nick Lachey
    New dad Nick Lachey stops by the "Wendy Williams Show" in New York City.
  • New Dad 2 of 5
    New Dad
    Nick's wife Vanessa Minnillo gave birth to the couple's first son Camden last month.
  • Dad Glow 3 of 5
    Dad Glow
    He's got that "dad glow" going on, doesn't he?
  • Smiling From Ear To Ear 4 of 5
    Smiling From Ear To Ear
    There's no doubt that he's over the moon with his family life right now.
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think of Nick's new dad style?

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