Nick O'Leary Can Take Some Sportsmanship Lessons From Grandpa Jack Nicklaus


nick o'learyNick O’Leary, the grandson of Jack Nicklaus, needs to go spend some quality time with his grandpa!

O’Leary has been suspended for unsportsmanlike behavior by Florida football officials for his less than stellar reaction to the crowd in a recent game.

What’s most surprising in the young man’s actions is that his grandfather is credited as one of the best sportsmen in golf history! 

Nick, who flashed an obscene gesture at the crowd, is facing a six-week suspension from the the Florida High School Athletic Association for his actions.  His actions were all caught on tape by local television cameras. 

It surely cannot be a proud moment for Grandpa Jack who has long been considered one of sports best sports.   Nicklaus has been a class act who has accepted the praise of the crowds and given the same praise to his competitors when he was beaten. 

His most heralded act came in the 1969 Ryder Cup where Nicklaus is credited with doing the greatest single sporting gesture in golf history.  In the midst of competition, Nicklaus made his final putt and casually conceded a 2-ft par put to Tony Jacklin on the final hole.  The act resulted in their match being halved and the Ryder Cup ended in a time for the first time in its history.  The two competitors walked off the course arm-in-arm.  

The Golden Bear is a wealth of knowledge in the area of sportsmanship and it’s time Nick O’Leary to start paying attention!

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