Nick Van Exel Son Arrested For Fatal Crime: But He Has an Excuse!


Nick Van ExelSome may think that the offspring of celebrities or stars would get some special treatment. But sometimes the kids of the rich and famous just get themselves in way too deep for their parents social position to get them out scott free. Case in point, the twenty-year-old son of ex Laker, Nuggest, Mavericks, and Spurs basketball star Nick Van Exel. So what did his son Nicky Van Exel do to get himself into such deep trouble? It’s pretty major. It was murder. What happened?

He was arrested on December 29th for murdering a friend. After his pal was killed, Nicky Van Exel allegedly dumped the body by a lake. And he isn’t feigning innocence, he has admitted that he was responsible for ending his friends life. But he has an excuse. He said the fun he was holding went off accidently and he had no idea the gun was loaded. His lawyer said that, “It’s a real sad situation. Emotions are running high, and, obviously, we recognize that some very bad decisions were made on how he responded.”

Not helping his case is that several of his friends possessions were missing as well, which adds potential theft issues (and motive) to the crime.

He is currently being held on $1 million dollars bail.

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