Nicole Scherzinger Isn't Having Babies With Lewis Hamilton


nicole-scherzingerWell I guess it’s no babies for Nicole Scherzinger any time soon. I guess she could still have babies, but she’s not having them with Lewis Hamilton.

The Formula One driver called it quits. He was feeling pressured to get married and have babies and the like.

A source said, “He was feeling under pressure to take their union to the next level and he wasn’t wanting to become engaged, get married or think about having children. He’s young, they spend an awful lot of time apart and he’s just not ready to leave his youth behind for a lifetime with Nicole.”

He is 24, and in today’s society 24 is very young. I’m sure the press surrounding their relationship didn’t help. She dreamt of a day when they would start a family and we went and put her dreams out there for all the world to see.

Poor Nicole, I’m sure she’s devastated, he did  break up with her out of the clear blue sky.

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