Nicole Eggert Bump Watch: Pregnant Eggert Looks Ready to Pop at Baby Shower! (Photo)

Nicole Eggert bump watch pregnant fat baby shower photo
Nicole Eggert baby shower cake photo

Nicole Eggert bump watch is in full swing, as photos snapped of the former Baywatch star showed a VERY pregnant Nicole Eggert at her baby shower.

Nicole Eggert, who poked fun at herself for being fat in a Funny or Die video a couple of years back and has been a Celebrity Fit Club contestant, has definitely put on the pregnancy pounds as she preps for her due date.

Eggert tweeted about the baby shower, writing: “Beautiful day! Thanks for all the love!” Nicole also shared this photo of her yummy baby shower cake, tweeting: “Sweet Lady Jane’s. Mmmm.”

Nicole Eggert has a 12-year-old daughter named Dilyn. When she announced her pregnancy, she told “We are thrilled and very excited about becoming parents. It’s a very special time and we’re looking forward to the journey ahead.”

We’re not sure when Eggert is due, but it’s got to be any day now… and may we suggest a bra for a little maternity support? Just sayin.

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