Nicole Kidman Gets Ruffled By Scientology Question


nicole-kidman-sunday-rose-park-04Nicole Kidman had an awkward moment recently when a TV presenter asked her about Scientology. She was being interviewed for the BBC program, The Andrew Marr Show, when she was asked the dreaded question.

When the interviewer starts off by saying, “one of the things you haven’t talked about before”, Kidman quickly replies back,”There are many things I haven’t talked about.”

“Here’s one,” persists Marr. “Scientology — a lot of people would say it is a bullying cult.”

“I just don’t . . . This is just so not . . .” After recovering her composure she asserts: “I’m here to publicize Nine. If I was here to do an exposé on myself then I’d be like, ‘Let’s go’, but I have no interest in discussing any of that.”

“You don’t want to talk about Scientology?”, presses the interviewer. “No, I’ll talk about Nine,” says Kidman firmly.

That part of the segment was scrapped by the BBC so it won’t be included in the piece set to air on Sunday. However, the cut out footage can be watched in this video here.

Do you agree with Nicole in not answering the question?