Nicole Kidman Graces The Cover Of Harper Bazaar Australia With Daughter Faith

Nicole Kidman

Ok, I have to start off by saying this: I’ve never seen a more breathtaking cover of Nicole Kidman than this one of her and her daughter Faith on the cover of Harper Bazaar Australia. It is simply gorgeous. Nicole is at her best when she looks totally natural, and we have it right here.

The Aussie actress explains her decision for allowing her daughter Faith to be part of her cover shoot, explaining, ““I think it’s OK, because you can’t see their faces; they’re still protected. I feel it’s a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family, and they’re my daughters, and they’re Keith’s daughters [laughs] … you can see the hair!” Also, here are some snippets from her feature from the magazine’s editor, Edwina McCann:

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to criticism. She faced plenty after the birth in December 2010 of Faith Margaret, a much-yearned for sister for Sunday Rose. Faith was famously born with the help of a “gestational carrier” as is the common term in the US. No doubt there will be those who throw yet more criticism at her for allowing her children to feature in photos in this month’s Harper’s BAZAAR. So I wanted to explain what happened behind the scenes.

Kidman was booked for our cover shoot with a young Australian photographer and regular BAZAAR contributor, Will Davidson. The shoot took place a few hours out of Sydney in a country home with a perfect red dirt road, as envisioned by Davidson. Kidman arrived on time, without entourage, and even spotted the crew not a coffee but a coffee van — “my treat” — when she was told the cost was beyond the shoot budget. She was a willing photographic subject, talked to me in an unguarded and genuinely warm manner before the pictures, and later waited obligingly until dark for a specific Gucci dress to arrive. (In the end the light was so low that the shot didn’t make the cut.) Later in the afternoon, Sunday Rose and Faith arrived after their sleeps to see Mummy. Kidman didn’t want to put them down; Sunday Rose donned one of the tuxedo jackets from the clothing racks because it was getting chilly. The photographer then took some shots of Kidman with the girls solely for her family album.

I for one think this was done in great taste and kudos to Nicole for keeping it classy. Tell us Babble readers, what do you think?


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