Nicole Kidman Is NOT Pregnant



Despite those suspicious baby bump photos of Nicole Kidman we have seen recently, she is apparently not pregnant.  This according to her husband, country crooner, Keith Urban.  The couple have one daughter together, Sunday Rose, but have no plans for more babies, yet.

The 41-year-old country singer said, “No, not true.  A little bit of tweaking (of photos) does that.  If we were to have another child though we would be very happy but we are more than happy with Sunday.  We feel very blessed to have one child.”

So, either he’s lying to throw us off the pregnancy track or he’s being honest, and they really aren’t expecting their second baby together.  I like the lying scenerio better – way more fun!

Nicoke is currently filming Rabbit Hole.  She is also mom to teens Isabella, 16, and Connor, 14, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.


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