Nicole Kidman Lifts Up Her Shirt To Prove A Point



Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban have both said they would love to have more children together.  However, despite photos that sort of looked like Nicole was pregnant with her second baby with Keith, they want it known they are not expecting.

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While on the set of her new flick Rabbit Hole, Kidman, 41, lifted up her shirt (on July 2) to show off her flat tummy to paparazzi, to prove once and for all that she’s not pregnant.  You can see the photos of Nicole showing off her belly.

Husband Keith issued a statement recently, to end speculation that his wife is pregnant (unless he’s lying of course).  Oh well, guess no younger siblings for Sunday!  She does have a big brother and sister, Connor and Isabella (Nic’s kids with Tom Cruise).

The denial before the confirmation?  Maybe.


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