Nicole Kidman Might Be A Vampire Says Slumdog Star


Nicole may not be pregnant, but she certainly might be a vampire. That’s according to Slumdog Millionaire actress Rubina Ali, who says that Kidman was shy and seemed ‘strange’ and afraid of the sun while the two shot a commercial together.

Rubina, the ‘slumdog’ who’s still waiting for Danny Boyle to buy her a house, has written an autobiography(with some help, I presume).

In her book, Rubina discusses the Schweppes commercial in which she co-starred and even shared a trailer with Nicole Kidman. Says Ali:

“‘I really liked her, but she was very quiet and didn’t speak much.

‘I think she was a bit shy.’

She goes on to describe the actress as ‘strange’ because she refused to come out of her trailer over the whole shoot, seemingly afraid of the sun on her alabaster complexion.”

So, isn’t it pretty obvious what’s going on here? Nicole and Keith weren’t hiding a baby bump.

Instead, they’re hiding the fact that they dine on the blood of the living… or something like that. And having a birthday party for Sunday Rose, of course.

Aside from writing a novel, life after Slumdog is that much different for Ali that before, unfortunately. Hopefully, that will change when she and her family move into their own apartment, thanks to Danny Boyle’s Jai Ho Foundation.