Nicole Kidman Put Keith On A Diet


nicole-kidman-keith-urban-diet-mealsIt really bothers me when someone tells me you should eat this, or you should eat that. Especially when vegetarians try to make me feel guilty for eating meat. So I can just imagine how Keith Urban feels when Nicole makes him eat what she’s eating.

It’s not like he’s the one that’s obsessed with the perfect figure.

A source said, “Nicole cooks with no sugar, salt, butter or oil.” Keith doesn’t at at home a lot.

I don’t think I would either.

Nicole is also trying to push him into becoming a runner, a sport her family adores.

Nicole says it’s not about the weight. She doesn’t want to have to worry about cholesterol.

I wonder what Sunday Rose eats. Does she eat the bland food or does she at least get some mac and cheese every once in a while.

It’s important to raise kids with a strong sense of moderation. If you raise them without certain things, they may turn to them when the “discover” them.

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