Nicole Kidman's Teens DO Call Her "Mom"



Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, who split in 2000,  have two teens together – Isabella, 16, and Connor, 14.  Sources claim that the children no longer call Nicole “mom.”

Nicole, who is now married to country singer Keith Urban, and together they have one daughter, Sunday Rose, has been accused of “abandoning” her oldest children and  only doting on her baby.

An insider said of Isabella and Connor, “they call Nicole by her first name.”

Nicole’s rep said the story was garbage and “entirely made up.”

Isabella and Connor live in New York with their dad and his wife Katie Holmes, and their 3-year-old sister Suri.

It does seem odd though, that Nicole is never photographed (or least not for a very long time) with her older children.  They are teens, so they probably do want privacy, but still, when do they see their mother?