Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Fighting Over DJ AM's Death?


nicole-richie-joel-maddenDo we really think Joel Madden is as insensitive as the latest gossip article makes him seem?

The rumor is that Nicole Richie was so upset about DJ AM’s death, that it was feared that she was going into premature labor.

The hard to believe part is that Joel was so mad, because Nicole was taking it so hard. He wanted to know if she still had feelings for Adam?

It was claimed that he was so upset, because it made him doubt her feelings for him. Then Nicole got mad and said, how can you even say that. It was a mess.

I don’t think I believe it. This couple seems to be getting on very well together and they are so close to welcoming their new baby. I think it was devastating, because she was really close to Adam and it hurts to lose someone you love.