Nicole Richie Casts Ashlee Simpson In New Sitcom


Ashlee Simpson-WentzI guess the celebrity mom’s club takes care of its own. Last week, we found out that Nicole Richie was going to star in a new ABC sitcom. This week, it looks like she’s bringing celebrity mom Ashlee Simpson along with her. As the show’s creator, Nicole made the decision to cast Ashlee in a supporting role. The best part for Ashlee and Nicole: more playdates.

Says the National Enquirer’s mystery informant:

“Nicole adores Ashlee, and she truly believes in her talent… With few other job prospects on the horizon, Ashlee — who desperately wants to establish herself as an actress — was feeling down until Nicole stepped up and promised: ‘I’ve got your back. What are girlfriends for?'”

I don’t necessarily wanna sound the nepotism alert here, but isn’t that exactly what this is?

According to PopCrunch, the mothers get along great whenever they get together for a Bronx and Harlow playdate. Is Nicole hiring Ashlee for reasons other than her suspect acting talent?

Ashlee’s been trying to break into acting, but it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for her. She got fired from Melrose Place and there were numerous rumors surrounding her performance in Chicago. Hopefully, she’ll fare a little better in the sitcom world.

Source/Photo: INFphoto