Nicole Richie Didn't Mean To Have A Pattern


Joel Madden, Nicole Richie baby naming patternNicole Richie wants to have another daughter and name her Willow, but now she can’t.

She says that didn’t really mean to name her kids in some sort of pattern, but realized after she and Joel finally reached an agreement that the names rhymed.

She explained, “Joel and I have very different tastes in names.”

“We really just have to work with whatever it is we both agree on, so I really liked Sparrow from Captain Jack Sparrow, and he liked it for different reasons.”

“I didn’t even realize that [both of their names] ended with ‘ow. I love the name Willow, and now that’s out because I’m not gonna have all kids with ‘ows!'”

I can just picture it. Joel and Nicole have a family the size of the Duggers and all the kids have names ending in ow.

Harlow, Sparrow, Willow, Jojo, Meadow, Adolfo etc. . .


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