What Drink Is Nicole Richie A Big Fan Of?


36375PCN_NicoleNicole Richie is planning to spend her holiday season drinking a lot of eggnog. The mom of two was at Bloomingdale’s this past Saturday for the launch of her House of Harlow 1960 Holiday Collection when she mentioned the seasonal drink.

“I’m a big eggnog drinker. Not the kind with alcohol in it, but the regular kind. I thought that everyone drinks eggnog, but as I’m getting older, I’m learning that people actually think it’s really gross, but I love it, so I will definitely have some eggnog!”

On explaining why she decided to dye her hair brunette she said, “I did it about a week-and-a-half ago,” she said. “I change my hair color all the time, and I hadn’t done it in a few years. With the babies, I just really hadn’t had time. I’m so used to having that change all the time, and I hadn’t done it in about two years, so I was just ready and sick of being blonde! I was ready for a change!”

She added that her kids “are great,” and that Harlow “loves being a big sister.”