Joel Madden and Nicole Richie are Getting The Heck Out Of Dodge


nicole_richie_joel_madden_christmas-moving-to-new-yorkNicole Richie and Joel Madden are picking up and moving out of Los Angeles. They are done with the L.A. scene and want to live somewhere quieter, you know, like New York.

A source said that Nicole is tired and worn out since she gave birth to Sparrow in September.

Welcome to having two kids, Nicole. It’s fun isn’t it. It’s like you forget how hard the newborn stage is until you try to manage by yourself. I wonder if Sparrow sleeps. If  he does than she has one up on me.

The same source also said: “Joel was working in Australia when Nicole first fell ill, so she was shuttling the kids back and forth to her dad Lionel’s home.

“She was overwhelmed, and during a phone call, Nicole screamed at Joel, ‘I can’t take this anymore — get me out of Hollywood!'”

“Joel realizes that Nicole is buckling, and agrees that they need a major life change. Nicole wants to escape Hollywood and raise their kids in New York.”

“Nicole is on the rebound now, but her bout with pneumonia was a huge wake-up call.”

“Nicole realizes that both she and her family need a change of pace, schedule and scenery. She feels ditching crazy Hollywood for New York is best for everyone.”

I can understand how the whole LA thingy can get overwhelming. It’s a great place to be from, but a hard place to live and raise your kids.


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