Nicole Richie Leaves The Past Behind


Nicole RichieNicole Richie has certainly changed her life around, especially since she’s now a mother to two young kids. She recently commented in an interview with Marie Claire on how she doesn’t dwell on her past anymore.

She said, “You know, I’m one to live in the present and enjoy the time that I’m having. Going back into my past is just not something that I do. Right now, I’m living my dreams. To me, I’ve accepted responsibility for what I’ve done and I don’t really try and look at why I did it.

“I just feel that I have gotten past it and moved on, and it’s just something that’s not really a part of my life any more.”

In 2006, she was arrested for DUI after driving the wrong way on the freeway in Burbank, California. Since then, she got settled with Joel Madden, has embraced motherhood, and is now a fashion and jewelry designer.

Good for Nicole. A lot can happen in three years!