Nicole Richie: My Style Hasn't Changed Since Becoming A Mom (Photos)


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Nicole Richie carrying Harlow, 3, to the State Fair.

Nicole Richie may have cleaned up her image when she became a mom to Harlow, 3, and Sparrow, 2, but don’t expect to find the fashion guru wearing mom jeans anytime soon!

“I’m still wearing 5-inch heels,” the 30-year-old Fashion Star mentor toldWWD. “My fashion really hasn’t changed at all.”

But it definitely took Richie a while to find her niche in fashion. “When I was a little girl, my mom used to always get us matching dresses for everything,” she told WWD. “So I was wearing the poufy skirt version of whatever my mom was wearing, and I had the worst, hairiest eyebrows and a big afro. That was before I was allowed to use a flatiron.”

“So basically my entire childhood [is my biggest red-carpet regret],” she added. “My parents’ house has framed pictures of those nights all over the house and it’s terrible!”

So how does Richie define her style? “It’s whatever I feel comfortable in at that time. I really look at fashion as a form of self-expression, so just like how your moods change, my fashion choices change all the time.”

Take a look at Richie’s fashion below! Are you a fan?

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    Nicole Richie
    Nicole looks flawless here. And she looks great in both shades of hair: brown and blonde.
  • Nicole Richie 2 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Here's Nicole with blonde hair and just like the first photo, she looks amazing.
  • Nicole Richie 3 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    How do you like Nicole in all white? Can you forget her misguided past?
  • Nicole Richie 4 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    This is from Nicole's skinnier days. She looked a little too unhealthy and quickly gained the weight back.
  • Nicole Richie 5 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Nicole was spotted exiting the gym, looking slim and fit.
  • Nicole Richie 6 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Nicole dressed hippy chic as she took Harlow to the State Fair.
  • Nicole Richie 7 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Nicole was obviously tired of getting her picture taken on this day.
  • Nicole Richie 8 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Nicole chose to put her hair up for this red carpet event. What do you think?
  • Nicole Richie 9 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Back in 2004, Richie was best known for her friendship with Paris Hilton.
  • Nicole Richie 10 of 10
    Nicole Richie
    Nicole was spotted exiting the gym with a studded leather jacket and bright red bag.

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