Nicole Didn't Have The Baby, But Went To DJ AM's Funeral


nicole-richie-dj-am-adamSo I guess that Nicole Richie didn’t go to the hospital because she was having her baby.

However, she did go to the hospital after hearing the news that DJ AM was dead. I know the two of them were very close, they were engaged for a time after all.

Poor Nicole. She’s already in a highly emotional state being so close to the end of her pregnancy, and to be hit with a ton of bricks like this was just too much to bear.

Nicole, her husband, Travis Barker and many other close friends paid their last respects to DJ AM, Adam Goldstein, yesterday.

The funeral was held at hillside Memorial Park in Culver City, California. There will  be a public memorial held on Thursday at the Hollywood Palladium.  It’s said that the memorial will be held like an open 12 step meeting.

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