Nicole Richie Still Subject To Pregnancy Rumors: Leave Her Alone!

nicole richie
Pregnancy Rumors Still Surround Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to speculation about her body size. After years of people saying she’s too thin, she’s now at a very healthy weight, but she’s surrounded by rumors that she’s pregnant.

Nicole spoke out about her rumored baby bump last week and said that it was cruel to comment on anyone’s changing body shape. She insisted that she is not pregnant, but the tabloids seem to want to keep the pregnancy rumors going.

Hollywood Life is now accusing Nicole Richie of “pulling a Tori Spelling,” meaning that she’s lying about not being pregnant.

First of all, if she actually were in the early stages of pregnancy, it’s understandable why she’d want to keep it a secret. Second of all, it’s really nobody’s business but hers, so these magazines really need to leave her alone already.

Being a woman in Hollywood sure doesn’t seem like fun!

Photo: Pacific Coast News