Nicole Richie Wants A Prenup


joel-madden-nicole-richieNow that we know that Joel and Nicole didn’t, in fact, secretly tie the knot in a mass online wedding thingy, rumors are already starting to build as to why the couple hasn’t already said their vows. The latest word is that Lionel Nicole, with with a net worth of something like $60M, refuses to get married unless Joel signs a prenup.

Actually, according to the Enquirer, it’s not really Nicole, but her father that’s applying most of the pressure. Says the Enquirer inside source:

“He’s got some money, but Nicole brings a REAL fortune to the table… The prenup became a huge stumbling block…He feels the whole idea of a prenup shows a lack of faith in a relationship. He says prenups put a price tag on love.”

The prenup hoopla comes to the displeasure of Nicole’s father, music legend and $200 million man Lionel Richie, who can’t fathom why his future son-in-law is so against “getting it in writing.”

“He’s looking out for Nicole’s best interests. He wanted Joel to sign,” a source confided. Nicole was torn. She wants to be a dutiful daughter, but she doesn’t want to hurt Joel.”

All I can say is that, if I was Lionel, I’d be telling my daughter the same thing. I wouldn’t necessarily expect her to listen, but I’d say it. She’s made some serious money with her reality show fame, bestselling book, and fashion ventures.

Still, Joel and Nicole are a pretty safe thing, as far a celebrity couples go. I mean, they’ve got two kids together and Joel doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d try to clean her out if there was ever a divorce.