Nicole Richie Won't Let Her Kids Get Tattoos


harlow_madden-tattoos-nicole-richieNicole Richie is putting her figurative foot down now. She’s putting her foot down now before her kids are even able to get ideas about tattoos.
She said that she “would be “heartbroken” if little Harlow, two, and Sparrow, five months, decided to take after their dad and tattoo themselves all over when they grow up – so she’s set a strict age limit for the pair.”

“To be honest, I would be heartbroken, but what can I say? I would say wait until you’re 18, that’s what I would say.”

Ah yes, the whole, do as I say, not as I did lesson of life. I know it well.

Remember this picture. I saw it and just had to use it. They look so beautiful.

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