Nicole Ritchie Is Fiercely Protective Of Her Daughter

Nicole Ritchie is a fiercely protective mom

Nicole Richie is hoping that a judge will extend a temporary restraining order that she has against a photographer that’s been getting a little too close for comfort around her daughter’s nursery school.

Richie might even take the stand to testify against the photographer to ensure that the restraining order is extended. According to a source claims that;

“Nicole’s attorneys will put on the stand several preschool teachers from Harlow’s school that have witnessed this photographer crossing the line trying to get pictures. Nicole is fiercely protective of her children, and won’t tolerate this. Nicole could testify also.”

Well I can’t say that I blame her. Photos of stars who are out and about with their children are one thing, but stalking a child’s nursery school is another. Hopefully the judge will grant the extension in the restraining order and hopefully agencies will stop buying pictures like that.

Photo by PCN

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