Nicole Sullivan Is Joining Jenny Craig


nicole_sullivan_dashel_lakers-jenny-craigNicole Sullivan is going to be the newest celebrity to jump on the Jenny Craig Weight Loss wagon.

Nicole did not drop the baby weight with in the ridiculous two weeks that seems to be the standard in Hollywood today. She turned to Jenny Craig to help her lose weight.

Nicole said she’s, “so excited to start my program with Jenny Craig. I had such a hard time losing the weight the first time around. I was depressed, I feel like I tried every diet in the book. I want to take care of myself, look good, feel good, and run after my kids. When I researched all of the different weight loss programs, Jenny Craig was the only program to offer a personal consultant. Finally, someone I can talk to, who gets to know me and who I can learn from! I have about 35 lbs to lose and refuse to go on crazy diets again, so I called Jenny.”

Will we be seeing her pitch her results on TV? I can’t wait to see how she does. I wish they wanted a regular housewife to pitch for them. I would do it in a heartbeat.

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