Nicole Sullivan Wants To Shed The Baby Weight



Actress and comedian Nicole Sullivan welcomed her second child, son Beckett, just six weeks ago, but the Rita Rocks star is ready to to lose the baby weight!

Nicole will be the newest celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

She said, “Baby weight’s different than other stuff.  You spend a year of your life eating what you want and enjoying letting the baby have what it feels like having — and I[‘ve] lost track of what I’m supposed to be doing that’s right.”

Nicole’s plan is to lose 35 lbs. and that will put her back to her wedding weight of 126 lbs.  She adds, “We all say we want to get healthy — and we do.  We also want to look cute.  I want to put my jeans on and have my jeans look cute.”

The 39-year-old is also mom to 2-year-old son Dashel.