Nigel Barker Thought He Lost His Son


nigel-barker-antm-tyra-kids-scare-lost-childrenNigel Barker, famous photographer and judge on ANTM, has experienced the best and worst parenting can offer. The best always changes, but one of the worst things is finding you’ve lost your child.

He described the situation to OK!.

He was at a friend’s lake house,  he turned around and his three-year-old son was gone.

He said, “I thought I’d lost him and panicked. I literally thought he had drowned. I thought he had gone outside and drowned.”

“Twenty-five minutes doesn’t sound long, except when you’re looking for a 3-year-old, and every minute that went by, you thought something worse had happened.”

Scary, scary situation.

They did eventually find him hiding behind the couch. Jack was afraid to come out after he heard his father’s worried yells. Jack thought it would be better to stay hidden and stay out of trouble.

I know we’ve all faced some sort of situation in which we we’re afraid for our children, and it never gets any easier.

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