Niki Taylor: Early Favorite to Win Celebrity Apprentice 2011

Celebrity Apprentice 2011
Niki Taylor off to a great start on Celebrity Apprentice

On tonight’s premiere of Celebrity Apprentice, the women’s team took control and beat out the men’s team in a pizza challenge.

Though Star Jones was the project manager for the first challenge, the team agreed that Niki Taylor was the star. 

Niki Taylor could be the front runner to win Celebrity Apprentice 2011. Why?

Well, obviously, Niki Taylor is gorgeous. And let’s face it, Donald Trump tends to keep the hotties around…or so it seems, anyway.  And Niki Taylor just seems so sweet! It’s hard to imagine someone choosing to bring her into the boardroom with them on Celebrity Apprentice.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Niki Taylor was around til the end on Celebrity Apprentice! Maybe going head to head with Richard Hatch?

Photo: PRPhotos