Is Nikki Reed Pregnant? New Photos May Start More Rumors! (Photos)

Is Nikki Reed Pregnant

Twilight star Nikki Reed was spotted at the Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles with her hubby Paul McDonald. The couple were heading there to go to the Independent Spirit Awards. The duo looked very happy and Nikki? She had a certain glow, and what will no doubt start rumors, it looked as if she had a full belly. The actress wore a lightweight red silk top, that either just did not fit correctly, she ate too much lunch, or could she be pregnant?

Check out the photos here and see what you think!

  • Nikki Reed 1 of 4
    Nikki Reed
    Is this a baby bump, an ill-fitting top or did she just have a big lunch?
  • Nikki Reed Stops for Autographs 2 of 4
    Nikki Reed Stops for Autographs
    She stops to sign an autograph for a fan.
  • Nikki and her hubby 3 of 4
    Nikki and her hubby
    Nikki and her husband Paul McDonald heading to the awards.
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    Baby bump?
    What do you think?