Nina Garcia's Son Is Ready For His Big-Brother Role


Fashion guru Nina Garcia is expecting her second child this December–another boy–and she’s not the only one excited about the new addition to the family. The Project Runway judge and Marie Claire fashion director said her 3-year-old son Lucas is pumped for his new role as big brother.

“He’s excited and he gets it,” Garcia told People. “We told him, and he’s very happy to be a big brother. He’s waiting for the baby to come more than we are.” Though she gets to experience the excitement of her first child when it comes to having a second, she said already having one tot around does make the pregnancy a bit more difficult.

“Everything is harder because I have a little one at home that needs a lot of my attention and having a summer pregnancy is a lot harder than a fall pregnancy,” she said.

Fortunately for her, husband David Conrod has been helping out as much as possible with Lucas while she focuses on her pregnancy. Hopefully they’re getting some good practice, because we’re pretty sure it’ll be just as difficult to have two kids around as it is to have one and a baby bump!


Photo: Charles Norfleet/PR Photos