Nivea Admits She’s Pregnant & Involved With Lil Wayne



There’s no doubt now: Singer Nivea is pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby and admits she’s involved in a “triangle” with the rap artist and his other baby mama, actress Lauren London, who is also rumored to be pregnant.

Nivea, who is about six months along with Lil Wayne’s baby (his third child, her fourth), gave a radio interview with Ryan Cameron and talks about what’s going on with her professionally and personally.

Apparently Weezy likes to keep things to himself, and neglected to tell Nivea about Lauren and Lauren about Nivea, except everyone knows now!

Both women are reportedly carrying sons.

Check out Nivea’s radio interview.

Oh, and so far it’s a love “triangle”… but what happens when Nivea and Lauren find out about Wayne’s NEW girlfriend????


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