No Baby For Miley Cyrus!



What’s all the chatter about Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus being pregnant?  Seems the teen pop star and actress is the focus of yet another Internet hoax.

Back in 2007, Cyrus was the subject of pregnancy rumors.  A statement was issued by her publicist Meghan Prophet:  “It’s 100 percent false.  Someone doctored a J-14 article and posted this online.  It’s ridiculous and completely untrue.  Miley is not pregnant.  She just wrapped season two of Hannah Montana and will go on tour beginning Oct. 18.”

What started the pregnancy rumors this time?  It appears to be something to do with Miley’s hosting of a streaming live chat called Hannah Chat on Sunday (July 5) night, where fans could submit questions for Miley to answer.  Soon after, an e-mail was making the rounds and gossip on Twitter, claiming that the young star is “three months pregnant with the love child of Nick Jonas.”

It’s unclear if the famous teens are even together, despite rumors that they are… Miley wrote on Twitter:

“I am lovinggg being single life is so carefree!!! Spending the day enjoying Sonic, Music, @mommytish, and the beautiful sun in Savannah”

And then this:

“Why do I listen to songs that make me cry? Even better question, why do I listen to songs that make me miss you?”

So, she’s missing someone… Nick?  Ex-boyfriend Justin?  A relative?  Who knows?  But for now at least, there is no baby for 16-year-old Miley Cyrus, which is a good thing!


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