No Divorce for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller?


According to US Weekly, Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller are not planning to divorce, despite living apart.

I mean sure, he held a knife to her throat last Christmas and threatened to kill her, which led to his being brought up on assault charges. And yes, he has a history of drug abuse and domestic violence. And okay fine, he is wandering around town in disguise and rumored to be having multiple affairs. But why rush into anything?

His rep told the magazine that the couple are “very much in love and are trying to work it out.”Sheen and Mueller have been married for just about two years, and have 1-year-old twins, Bob and Max. The twins are spending time with both parents, who are living apart while they try to work on their marriage. Both Brooke and Charlie have been treated for alcohol and drug addiction in the last few months.

Yikes. All I can say is I hope his visits with his children are supervised by someone, given the charges he is facing. I’m all for giving people second chances–but given his history of violence, should he really be spending time alone with his kids?

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